There’s Nothing Awesome about AllSum

Hailing from China and launched in 2006, AllSum is a particularly tricky Adware Dropper program.  It’s annoying and incredibly hard to kill if you don’t have the right tools.  It also goes by many aliases, developed as it tries to stay ahead of the antispyware programs.

As an Adware Dropper program, the specific task of AllSum is to generate pop-up advertisements.  These are, at the very least, incredibly annoying.  It’s also an unapproved use of your computer’s resources.  This can cause your system to slow down and programs to fail.  Over a long enough period of time, it can actually damage your computer.

The pop-ups that AllSum creates also interfere with your overall browsing experience.  Besides making the Web pages load slower, you also occasionally have to take time out of what you’re doing to close them.  If your computer is a family computer or it’s your work computer, it can be embarrassing if the pop-ups have adult content.

As I said earlier, AllSum can be a tricky program to kill.  One reason for this is that it imbeds itself in a fairly large number of your computer programs.  Any time one of these programs run, it will initiate the AllSum program.

AllSum also sets up a registry key that initializes it when your computer starts up.  Again, this makes it difficult to kill by typical means, especially if you try to get rid of it manually.

All told, manual removal instructions to remove AllSum or any other malware program aren’t recommended to use.  For one thing, you never know if someone on the forum you got it from has a foolproof way of removing it.  For another, unless you really know what you’re doing and follow the possibly incorrect instructions to the letter, you may cause serious harm to your computer.

Another tricky element about AllSum is the sheer volume of aliases it has.  It has a whole alphabet of updated versions for one thing.  For another, it has other names such as IEHlpr, Alexa, and SmartAllYes, each with their own list of updated versions.

This last element of AllSum doesn’t just make manual removal even more difficult.  It also makes removal by many of the antispyware programs in existence difficult.  The problem that the other antispyware programs have ultimately involves how they go about updating their programs.

You see, many of these programs rely on their customers having already gotten infected with AllSum or many of the other malware programs in order to start updating.  These updates, in turn, can take as many as two days to be released.  That is time that you don’t want to wait to get your computer fixed, isn’t it?

To answer this problem, I created ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  We don’t wait for our customers to get infected before we fix their problems.  We’re constantly scanning the Internet for new versions of spyware so we can provide a fix.  These fixes are usually downloaded to our customers within minutes of a new spyware release.  AllSum, you have nowhere to hide.

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