Threat Nuker is Actually a Threat

The technological advances that we have seen in our lifetimes are astonishing. The problem with that progress though is that as technology advances, so does crime. Criminals have found new ways to take advantage of people and Threat Nuker is one of their tools. They are very clever for modeling this rogue after legitimate programs, but be warned: It is a serious threat and a scam.

Threat Nuker is a rogue security application developed by cyber criminals who are after nothing but money. They don’t care about you or your computer. Threat Nuker is a harmful program to your computer. It generates pop-up ads and seriously hinders your computer’s performance and Internet connection. To add insult to injury, it expects you to pay at least $50 for this nefarious service.

Threat Nuker usually infects a system through a Trojan horse application. Trojans usually infects a system through tainted downloads, fake video codecs, spam email, or rogue websites that exploit security holes. Once the Trojan has been installed, it will download and install Threat Nuker without the user’s permission or knowledge.

However, there is a Threat Nuker website that uses very dubious methods of promotion. If the download page is visited, it immediately attempts to load the trial version onto the user’s computer instead of giving them a choice.

After installation, the scam really starts to take off. Threat Nuker starts to deliver both pop-up ads and warning messages telling the user that their computer has been compromised by malware. The warnings also suggest that the user allow Threat Nuker to scan their computer for the threats so that they can be removed. However, once the scan has been completed and a phony list of threats generated, the user will be told that they must purchase the full version of the program in order to remove the imaginary threats.

The full version of Threat Nuker is completely a waste of money. It is utterly impotent and will not remove any existing threats, nor will it prevent future infectious programs from invading the system. Instead, it just bogs down the system. Because of all of this aggressive and dishonest behavior, Threat Nuker should be avoided and removed at the first sign of infection.

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