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TopMoxie adware is something you really don’t want to play around with.  Yes, we all like bargains, coupons and discounts, but not at the expense of the inconvenience and potential damage it can cause once this adware application has infected your computer.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms?  Look out for:  A change in browser settings (none of your searches really produce what you want, but seem to be related), a significant number of pop-up advertisements when you visit certain websites such as Limewire, Ebates, Upromise, General Mills BoxTops4Education, and some others?  If so, chances are your PC is infected with TopMoxie.

The website itself gives you no indication of malicious threats.  In fact, it is quite welcoming, letting you know right on the main web page what they’re all about: “TopMoxie provides superior services, using a fair and honest business model that delivers applications with true end user value. We do not spam with unwanted advertisements. And we do not collect any personally identifiable information so we have nothing to sell to third parties.”  They forgot to mention one little thing though, that adware sometimes bundled with their program can log your frequently visited sites, that TopMoxie connects itself to the Internet, and allows remote user connection.

Maybe they are unaware of this; after all, they are in the business of advertising.  To stay on the side of caution, remove TopMoxie and all of its components immediately.  Invest in a solid anti-spyware software that will guarantee 100% removal of TopMoxie and all adware threats.  Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, so scan your PC for free right now and get rid of adware once and for all!

Top Moxie file contents:



Main.class WebSavingsfromEbates.exe


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