Total Virus Protection and the Rising Rogue Software Epidemic

I have spent years trying to stop the rising plague associated with rogue antispyware, but as each month comes and goes I am starting to see that these types of programs have been growing by leaps and bounds. Take for example Total Virus Protection, this program is not a new type rogue antispyware but it does have a few simple market techniques that can confuse people into thinking that it is a legitimate program.

With marketing techniques like promotional websites and fake critic reviews some people might believe that Total Virus Protection is just the type of program they need. These kinds of marketing techniques are becoming more and more aggressive, and they are not going away anytime soon.

The plague of rogue antispyware like Total Virus Protection is still a growing problem. In its short life rogue software has grown to 350+ different applications all designed to scam people out of their hard earned money. The reason for this growth in rogue software is that it has proved to be an easy way for scammers to make large sums of money with very little risk, especially if they reside in one of many Eastern European countries.

Russia happens to be the place of origin for Total Virus Protection, but even if it can be determined where in the world a rogue software program came from, it is almost impossible to determine who created it. Many people deeply involved with Internet security believe that at least half of all rogue software programs in the world have been created by a group of cybercriminals known as the Russian Business Network.

Just because a group of cybercriminals created a particular rogue software program does not mean that they are the ones responsible someone’s current infection. In most cases rogue programs like Total Virus Protection are just a variant of some other malicious application.

If you currently are infected with Total Virus Protection there are a few things you can do to remove it. For someone skills in computer programming removing Total Virus Protection can be done manually, but even for skilled programmers the task can be time consuming. If someone chooses to remove Total Virus Protection manually they should set aside at least a few hours to get it completely removed.

Because most people do not have several hours to remove Total Virus Protection or any of the various other type of rogue software it is advised to get a good malware removal program to help cut the time. Some malware removal programs like Spyzooka can do all of the work for you.

Spyzooka was designed to not only help people remove programs like Total Virus Protection, but to also help keep their computers safe from future infections. At the current rate of growth, rogue software is going to be one of the biggest problems facing computer users and Spyzooka is here to help.

If you do not currently have a malware protection program that is 100% guaranteed you should try Spyzooka. Spyzooka will not only guarantee removal of Total Virus Protection, you will be guaranteed to not get infected in the future.

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