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Trackware is spyware that monitors and records your Internet browsing information and sends the information to its servers.  Trackware can silently download codes and the process restarts each time Windows is loaded.

You may unknowingly agree to install Trackware, as it comes bundled with other adware and spyware programs (most notably with Grokster and AudioGalaxy).

Trackware may create several random files which are eight characters in length in the Windows and System folders with the following file extensions: .dat, .dll, .exe, .html, and .ini.  Files may also be created in the temporary folder.
Because there are so many places where Trackware can be hiding, it is critical to remove all traces of the threat.  If you are not computer savvy, attempting manual removal may not be the best solution for you.  In fact, there is only one way to remove all traces of Trackware and other malicious threats, and that is with ZookaWare PC Cleaner anti-spyware software.  Take advantage of the free scan and let ZookaWare PC Cleaner rid your computer of malicious spyware threats.

Also Known As :



WebHancer; WebHancer;




Trackware file contents:








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