Trouble with .Dmad.

I’m not entirely sure how it got on my computer, but I ended up with .dmadlast week.  The problem is that my computer is a family computer; so naturally, no one’s responsible if we get an infection!  So, all I could do was fix the problem.  The way the computer was clunking, I thought it would be best if I did my shopping on my work computer.

Apparently, there’s enough leeway with the words, “best,” “number one,” and so on that pretty much every adware removal program is the best there is.  I couldn’t settle with just any program, either.  Since I couldn’t watch over my wife and kids’ shoulders 24/7, I had to find something that did.  I tried “100% removal guarantee” and found ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

What they offered was exactly what I needed.  They update constantly instead of once a week or so.  They have SpyGuard, which protects your computer from getting infected.  That was the real selling point to me.  The smart scan also takes way less time than others I’d used.

So, I downloaded it and gave it a run.  It found a few adware programs, but I was curious about backdoor.dmad.  What is a backdoor?  I found out that it’s basically a way for a hacker to bypass your computer’s security and do whatever he wants to it!  I’m glad to see that we don’t have any weird charges on our credit cards or anything.  I think maybe all dude used the backdoor for was to put a virus on my computer.  A lot of good that did him!

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