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Twain-Tech is an Internet Explorer-based program published by Direct Revenue. This advertising program attaches itself to your PC as a browser helper object and launches every time your web browser is opened.  Twain-Tech is in the background monitoring your browsing habits, which it sends to  This information is used to display commercial advertisements on your PC.

Twain-Tech is installed on your computer as a module that comes with free software or content that you may have downloaded from a file sharing website or other free offer.  Once installed, you may notice the bandwidth usage, which comes from the initial advertising database downloading onto your computer.  The software takes up additional memory any time you use Internet Explorer.  The ads are displayed when you browse sites on the Internet, and based on the sites visited, as well as by country or zip code,  Twain-Tech advertisements are delivered from their site.

If you have noticed unusual bandwidth usage and unwanted pop-ups, chances are your computer is infected with Twain-Tech or some other type of malicious threat.  Removing the threats ASAP will ensure that you protect your PC from possible permanent damage.

Also Known As :


Twain-tech abetterinternet Transponder/Twain-tech


Twain-Tech file contents :


javawebstart.dll , mxtarget.dll , twaintec.dll

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