UltimateAntivirus – Not To Be Toyed With!

This is a very malicious and dangerous antispyware utility, usually arriving on your PC via the Vundo or Zlob Trojans. The normal way the user is duped into downloading this spyware/fraudware is by being convinced to install a video codec file to view or download a video they’d like to see. Once this is done, it isn’t long before all sorts of pop-ups start popping up warning the user of all sorts of virus infections on their computer, and urging them to upgrade to the full version of the “anti-virus protection”  they’re offering  (probably offering a discount too, to make it all the more irresistible!) which is no help at all. In fact, it merely opens the door to many more problems!

Once you’ve bought their “fix”, you’ve in fact most likely downloaded a host of other even more malicious entities onto your PC that can seriously compromise the integrity of your personal information, such as credit card number, pins, card security numbers, bank account information, social security numbers and much, much more. Once these info thieves have a foothold on your personal information, there’s little they won’t steal and also little you can do about it.

Some of the signs you encountered an UltimateAntivirus spyware infection are:

  • A significantly slower PC performance, especially on boot and shut down
  • Your desktop wallpaper is affected and can’t be changed
  • Strange processes and files running in your Windows Task Manager
  • New and useless desktop icons
  • Some of your normal system icons are missing from your system tray
  • Very slow internet performance, and frequent browser shut downs
  • Your pop-up blockers no longer work
  • Phony windows system error messages and Trojan warnings
  • Your PC is suddenly awash in sexually explicit pornographic pop-ups
  • Corrupted registry files and “blue screen” errors
  • It hijacks your browser’s home page, and re-directs to the ultimateantivirus website
  • It’s very difficult to get rid of. It replicates itself constantly even when you think you’ve got it all.

Some of the really bad things you can expect an infection of UltimateAntivirus to do would be to steal confidential credit card info, usernames, passwords as noted above, as well as logging your system registry activity and system settings, your surfing habits, (and you’ll see a bunch more unwanted advertising coming your way as a result of this) and can easily masquerade as a valid utility to avoid detection and skirt firewalls without much effort.

UltimateAntivirus is not something you want to suffer through. It can and will make life on your PC a nightmare, and possibly do a lot more damage than just to your computer! You can rid yourself of this menace by deleting it and all its files from all the various locations it has embedded itself on your computer, if you know how and where they are. The problem is, you don’t, and it replicates itself faster than you can delete it.

The only effective solution for getting rid of UltimateAntivirus is through real antispyware software like Spyzooka. Try the free scan and 100% spyware removal guarantee it offers and be rid of this beast for good!

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