WeirWeb Adware Information

WeirWeb adware was released on November 24th, 2008, and has been wreaking havoc on people’s computer since its inception. It usually comes bundled with an even worse program known as altpayV2.exe. If you have found either of these programs on your computer, it is of utmost importance that you remove them immediately.

WeirWeb is an adware program designed to deliver third party, targeted advertisements to your computer. These advertisements can come in the form of pop ups, pop unders, and banner advertisements. In and of itself, WeirWeb represents a threat to your system because of its ability to hog your computer’s resources and bog down your Internet bandwidth due to the high volume of advertisements that it tries to deliver. Your computer is also severely slowed because WeirWeb tracks your browsing activity and is constantly delivering this information to its creators.

AltpayV2.exe is an executable backdoor Trojan that is associated with WeirWeb. Trojans represent a particularly high security risk because they open holes in any existing security software that you have and unload any number of malicious programs onto your computer through the newly created hole. Malicious programs associated with altpayV2.exe and WeirWeb include viruses, worms, and additional spyware, adware, and Trojans. Backdoor Trojans are potentially even more dangerous because they allow remote administration of your system, which means that the hacker has the ability to lock you out of your own computer and use it remotely for whatever purpose is desired. It is highly recommended that you remove or stop this windows process immediately upon discovery.

If you are concerned about having WeirWeb or altpayV2.exe on your computer, the most effective measures you can take include downloading and installing a quality spyware removal program. Spyzooka is the best available form of such software, and they back up their guarantee to remove 100% of all malicious programs from your computer, or your money back. Spyzooka is approved by the Better Business Bureau and is the recipient of several notable awards for outstanding service. Don’t wait for WeirWeb and altpayV2.exe to wreak havoc on your computer system. Download Spyzooka today.

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