Win32.Chafesi is a worm. Unlike Trojans, worms can spread themselves. In most cases, worms spread through e-mail. The Mydoom worm of 2003 and Melissa worm of 1999 both spread through the e-mail servers and rapidly caused havoc on millions of computers throughout the world. Experts do not expect Win32.Chafesi to spread nearly as much as either Melissa or Mydoom. Currently, estimates have it in less than one hundred thousand cases in the United States.

Nevertheless, worms wreak havoc on your computer. They can fatally crash your computer beyond all repairs. At best, they cause damage and annoyance. At worst, they steal your data and your identity costing you thousands of dollars not to mention your time.

Email-Worm.Win32.VB.fn [Ikarus]4 Backdoor:Win32/Chafesi.A [Microsoft]2 Backdoor.Trojan [Symantec]1 Generic BackDoor [McAfee]1 Generic Downloader.a [McAfee]1 New Malware.d [McAfee]1 Trojan Horse [Symantec]1 Trojan.Generic [Ikarus]

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