Backdoor Trojans are a menace to decent computer users everywhere, and the Win32.Clep spyware is one of the problem files fitting this description.  These programs are designed to cleverly avoid detection by usual computer security measures, because they appear to be normal, everyday, benign files.  Once they gain access, however, their true nature is revealed as they wreak havoc from within.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once


Manual Removal:
Manually removing Win32.Clep is possible for people with the correct set of skills to manage the arrest of all running processes (as well as the immediate removal of any remaining files related to the spyware).  If this proves to be a larger job than the user is comfortable with, there are a number of excellent options on the market covering the discovery and complete removal of spyware.  One of the more trusted names in this service industry is ZookaWare PC Cleaner, a program from the ZookaWare company.

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Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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  1. Ronnie Hewit says:

    I like the easy of use and the speed of SpyZooka. It removed Win32.Clep in a few minutes.

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