WinAnonymous – Another Devil in Disguise!

You get up in morning, minding your own business and drag yourself to your computer ready for another long day of telecommuting, working your home business, or merely surfing the internet for bargains and deals. Once there you find yourself faced with an alarming and persistent popup that tells you that your computer have contracted what may prove to be a fatal case of virus and spyware activity, and unless you act quickly you may well be in dire straits here!

You just may have found an instance of WinAnonymous residing on your computer. Like other rogue antispyware programs of its ilk, WinAnonymous trades on your fears that all of us have regarding losing our information and possibly our computer itself to a virus or spyware attack. The truth is that if you’re getting messages like these, you already have a problem. The question now is what do you do about it?

Signs that WinAnonymous or another spyware like it have found a roost in your machine would include not only these annoying popup ads, but your browser may well have been hijacked, your system crawls to a halt, and you are virtually unable to connect anywhere except where WinAnonymous would like you to.

Attempting to exterminate WinAnonymous from your computer isn’t all that simple either. It like other spyware programs has a marvelous facility for hiding itself deep within your computer, and is very difficult to manually ferret out of there. You also don’t want to run the risk of missing a file or two, which would make all your efforts for naught, as WinAnonymous would simply reconstitute itself, leaving you back where you started.

Instead opt for a proven antispyware software solution like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It will take on WinAnonymous and remove it and all its processes from your machine in no time!

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