Winantivirus2008 Will Only Bring You Harm

The internet is a great place for new scams like the winantivirus2008. Unfortunately for you, it will compromise your computer and your personal information. If you have encountered this program, please make sure that you are informed about what has probably happened to your computer.

The Winantivirus2008 will most likely show up in the form of a pop up ad. The window will most likely state that you have not finished scanning for malware (malicious software) and ask you if you would like to initiate a free scan to check for hazardous problems. If you click yes to this free scan, you are not actually going to get a free scan of your computer; you have just accidentally downloaded a malware program of your own. The free scan just needs to get you to click ok to their request so that they can have access to download their program onto your hard drive.

Once downloaded, the program will begin to lift your personal information from your computer. You will be totally unaware of what is going on, however, because of the show that the Winantivirus2008 is putting on with their free scan results. The results are a total fabrication. They will post programs that are on your computer as dangerous in order to scare you. The next thing they will push on you is the purchase of their full version which they claim will get rid of the supposed malware. Please be assured that this program cannot scan or remove malware. The only thing this program can do is download its malware onto your computer.

The problem that comes next is figuring out how to remove this program that found its way onto your computer. Many falsely believe that you can simply click uninstall and the program will disappear. In fact, the makers of this program would like you to believe that this is true. However, this program thrives off of hiding in temporary files that are disguised as important for the operation of your computer. So, even if you go through your entire computer to remove the files individually, you may not be able to get them all.

Even worse, because of the Winantivirus2008 program your computer will begin to slow. Your homepage may change to randomly or you may begin to see lots of pop ups warning you about system problems or more malware that is being falsely reported. This will all have a huge impact on your computers speed and ability to function correctly.

This is when you need to call the experts to handle the situation for you. There are different ways to get rid of these pesky programs and Spyzooka has mastered them all. When working with Spyzooka, you are offered a 100% guarantee that they will remove the whole program for you. Forget wasting more time and money, let Spyzooka handle your malware problems. You don’t need to be worried about your computers safety any longer with Spyzooka on your side.

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