WinDefender2009 is a Huge Threat to Your Security

If you know anything at all about computers, you know that there are many malicious programs out there that are intent on wrecking the security of your pc – and your personal information. WinDefender2009 is one such program. It is a fake anti-spyware product whose purpose is to lure you into purchasing their software to secure your pc. It actually does just the opposite. It will only add more infections and viruses, and has the ability to cause serious problems.

What WinDefender2009 do? It displays security alerts to you through pop-up ads. These ads will inform you that your computer is infected, your security is at risk, and you need to download their product to remedy the problem. Once you begin the download, you will be informed that the only way to remove all of the security risks is to purchase the licensed version. Do not do this! You will be wasting your money, and the security threats will greatly increase.

Where does software like this come from? This particular one usually comes from undesirable websites you have visited. These sites may include pornographic and gambling related websites, although they can come from other sites as well. Occasionally, it may come from spam e-mails you receive. WinDefender2009 can also come from other files you download, and you don’t realize it until you begin seeing symptoms.

What are some of the symptoms you may experience? Other than the pop-up ads, you will probably notice that your computer is slow upon start up and shut down. Your background wallpaper may be changed, and you may notice that there are additional icons in your system tray. Your browser may also automatically redirect to undesirable websites. Removing this software manually is nearly impossible.

WinDefender2009, like many other malicious software programs, can also track your online activities. Your browsing habits, passwords, and even online business information can be captured and sent to third parties. This is why you may notice that many pop-up ads you receive are related to your interests. In some cases, your identity can even be stolen. This fake anti-spyware program carries a very high risk, so you can see why you should remove it immediately!

There are anti-spyware products that are made for the removal of these malicious programs. Be aware that there are also many fakes that only want your money. While some authentic spy-ware products will remove infections that aren’t high risk, many will not work effectively on fake programs like this. In fact, there isn’t a product made that will remove this particular software other than Spyzooka. If you use another product, more than likely you will have to purchase a second to completely restore security.

There are many undesirable software programs out there that will intentionally harm your computer. Are you experiencing any of the described symptoms on your pc? You may have    WinDefender2009 installed on your pc. If you suspect this may be the case, click here for a free scan.

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