WinFixMaster – This One Won’t Fix A Thing!

About the cruelest of hoaxes occur when we are at our most vulnerable, and sad to say for most computer users, that is most of the time! WinFixMaster is another of these deceptive programs that aim to prey on our fears of being infected with all manner of internet borne viruses and spyware, and entice us to buy “protection” from them as a way of warding off this kind of threat. WinFixMaster will fix nothing, and is a master only at extracting money from unsuspecting computer users by using scare tactics.

How it works is like this: you come to your computer one day and find yourself presented with a window that purports to have found a slew of security threats on your machine, and urges you to do something about it right now or you may well be in for a virtual disaster! Now, you didn’t invite WinFixMaster to come along and perform this scan, nor do you really recognize all these “threats” that it claims to have found. All you know is that you don’t want a PC infected with scads of spyware and viruses, so you whip out that credit card and purchase their upgrade to a paid version of WinFixMaster, which it promises will take care of all these bad things!

Oops! You’ve now clearly gone past the point of no return, for as soon as you download this “fix” you’ll find yourself not only saddled with the same problems as before, but a whole host of new ones as well, many of which you will soon find are much worse than WinFixMaster.

There’s no getting rid of this by yourself either, particularly if you weren’t savvy enough to smell it out in the first place. This is the type of user that WinFixMaster preys on best: the casual user that simply is trying to keep their info safe.

By far the best solution for getting WinFixMaster off your machine is to use proven antispyware software like ZookaWare PC Cleaner. This one has a 100% spyware removal guarantee, and will have your computer clean again and running well in no time at all!

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