Winupd is a dialer that uses the modem of your computer to access high-cost toll numbers that connect to pornographic websites. Winupd may be purposely installed by you, or it may be placed on your PC by accidentally visiting questionable websites. If connected, the charges will be applied to your telephone bill.

Winupd may also place spyware or malware on your computer, which tracks your online browsing habits and activities. You may notice a poor performing PC, that it becomes slow, or that your browser redirects to unknown websites. Malware is capable of gaining access to your personal information and can be a threat to your personal identity.

You may attempt to remove winupd by locating related files and values in the Windows registry and deleting them, or by going to the add/remove programs in your control panel. Manual removal is not advised, as you risk severe damage to your PC. To remove winupd and all parasites automatically, use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka.


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  1. Jim Iower says:

    My computer was infected with winupd a few days ago. every time I tried to delete it, it was coming back. No program helped and I decided to try something new. Installing Spyzooka was the best choice I ever made. This program is great!

  2. Muhammad Palmer says:

    I had Dialer.winupd, and after running SpyZooka it detected the file and deleted it. Somehow, I got infected with it for a second time, but, after running SpyZooka again, this time it managed to heal the file.

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