Wista Antivirus Is Almost Believable

I have to admit, the images that you see with the Wista Antivirus bug are almost convincing.  However, I think their choice of names is an insult to the intelligence of the average user.  To call yourself “Wista” when it’s Vista that most people think of is pretty much giving yourself away.  Also, since it doesn’t specialize in Vista users,and can attack XP users as well, the XP users have an additional clue.

Wista Antivirus is another corrupt security tool.  It was released after the Vista operating system was launched, and presumably targets those users more than others.  Beyond that, it follows the basic rogue security tool plan of attack.

Wista Antivirus hides out on corrupt websites.  They will typically involve a video interface of some kind, which ostensibly has to download a video codec on your computer to run.  This video codec is actually a Trojan Downloader.  This spyware program downloads the rest of the files that start your infection.

After Wista Antivirus infects your computer, it pops up the warning screen and scans your computer.  I have to admit, it looks like a pretty nice set up they have.  It will, as they always do, tell you that your computer is infected by an unrealistically immense amount of viruses.

Your computer would not work under those conditions, trust me.  Three viruses can crash a computer; what do you think 50 thousand would do?  Luckily, you will probably never see that kind of infection.

What Wista Antivirus is actually showing you is your Temporary Files.  These are merely a record of your Internet activity, not viruses.  While you may not want the information in these files to get in the wrong hands, they are otherwise harmless.

Once that’s all said and done, then you get told that you “have to” buy the full version of Wista Antivirus to clean up your infection.  You will even get conveniently taken to their sales page.  You really don’t want to waste your money on this.  For one thing, the asking price is way too high.

If Wista Antivirus were merely overpriced and used these guerilla sales tactics, it would be bad enough.  You might even be able to shrug off the loss of all that money on a completely useless antivirus shell program.  That’s right, it doesn’t even kill viruses.  There is yet one more potential threat to Wista Antivirus.

We’ve already established that Wista Antivirus is a corrupt program.  Who makes corrupt programs?  Corrupt people.  Who uses corrupt programs?  Corrupt people.  Who has your credit card information now?  Corrupt people!

Don’t waste your money on Wista Antivirus.  If you get infected by this program, it’s not an antivirus that you need to look for.  You need an antispyware program.

I suggest getting ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  We have the technology to keep corrupt programs like Wista Antivirus held at bay.  We can’t purge the Internet of them, but we can keep them away from you.  100 percent guaranteed.

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