XP Security Center – No Security At All!

I feel that this one is one of the more insidious instances of computer spyware out there. It preys on our natural instincts to trust those who know more than we do about certain things, computers and their various viruses being one of them. XP Security Centeris a phony computer security program that is only out to separate you from your hard-earned cash. For a great many of us, the world of computer viruses, spyware, antispyware, Trojans and all the rest is a foreign land, with everyone speaking a language we don’t pretend to understand. So we tend to be trusting when we are at a loss, figuring that something that looks this legit, something that actually bears a shield on its logo that resembles Microsoft’s, well, that must be okay, right?

Well in a word, no. It’s not. XP Security Center has gone to great lengths to disguise itself as a genuine Windows application, and does fool many of us into thinking it’s for real. A window pops up to that welcomes us to the XP Security Center install program, and by clicking on the link you can and should install XP Security Center on your PC. Once you’ve taken this step, the fun begins.

A fake scanner starts running almost immediately, and soon you’re looking at a long list of supposed “threats” that XP Security Center has so quickly found for you, and will graciously offer you the latest software fix for these (fake) problems at a discounted price! Who could refuse! Well, not only do these “threats” not exist, the fix is a threat itself! Buying their software will open the door to many more unwanted problems, just the kind you thought you were getting rid of!

Until either you buy their “fix” or get rid of XP Security Center, these popups will keep showing up, and warning you of further “infections” and problems to come. All the while this program is using available system memory, and soon becomes a drag on your computer.

Also, XP Security Center doesn’t only affect those users still running older versions of Windows XP; it also can contaminate other systems such as Vista. You can remove this manually if you know what you’re doing, and there are fixes out there that can help, but unless you’re really up to date on all the many files and folders in which XP Security Center can deposit files, you’re really up the creek without a cyberpaddle! Even if you manage to get what you thought were all the instances of this spyware out, soon you’ll see the familiar screen pop up again, and it’s back to the races!

Do yourself a favor and cut to the chase by getting some real antispyware software like my ZookaWare PC Cleaner. It’s comes with a 100% money back guarantee to remove all the spyware from your machine, and relieve you of the task! Isn’t that what you really want?

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