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At first glance, Yadio.Media Player seems like a great tool—an Internet radio player and search engine all in one.  It has a database with hundreds of radio stations, with the ability to stream over 200 channels.  The interface is small and customizable to create your own look.

What is not mentioned is that Yadio is also filled with spam and spyware.  It doesn’t seem like such a great tool after all once you’re bombarded with unwanted advertisements. While you’re enjoying those 100+ radio stations, Yadio is fast at work monitoring and tracking your PC habits.

Different types of spyware perform different actions, from collecting your personal data to changing computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds, redirected home pages, or even causing your computer to crash because of the amount of bandwidth that is taken up.  Yadio certainly fits well into this category, and you should be
making plans to get rid of it at this very moment.

Since spyware tends to camp out in different areas of your PC, it is suggested that you use anti-spyware software to be sure that you remove it in its entirety.

One of the best programs on the market today is ZookaWare PC Cleaner spyware removal software.  With 24-hour customer support and a 100% guarantee to removal all malicious threats from your PC, it seems like the perfect choice for Yadio and any other spyware you may have on your PC.  Why don’t you try the free PC scan, so you can see for yourself what has made a home on your computer?

Also Known As:

Yadio 1.0,
Yadio 1.0


Relative file contents:


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