You Don’t Want What WinLocator Locates

WinLocator, also known as XLocator, is an Internet Explorer search toolbar with pornographic content that usually gets installed when visiting adult sites. Interestingly enough, a user actually agrees to WinLocator’s terms of service when the toolbar gets installed. However, the user may not necessarily know what they are agreeing to, given that WinLocator’s terms are hidden in the fine print of the vendor’s user agreement.

WinLocator is an adware program like any other, in that it records a user’s browsing activity and sends that information off to a third-party server. That third party then turns around and delivers targeted advertising to your computer. The danger of such programs is that they are capable of recording potentially sensitive personal information, then using that information toward an unscrupulous end. However, in the aforementioned user agreement, the vendor does try to assure the target that their personal information will never be collected, and that all recorded activity will be anonymous. This declaration is apparently meant to provide reassurance, although the lack of any visible privacy policy certainly doesn’t ad to WinLocator’s credibility.

WinLocator is classified as an elevated-risk adware program. Such programs are typically installed without adequate notice or consent, and are capable of making unwanted changes to your system, such as reconfiguring your browser’s search settings or homepage. WinLocator also installs advertising-related add-ons which may block or redirect your network connections, and can negatively impact the performance and stability of your computer. Also, elevated risk adware can collect, transmit, and share potentially sensitive data without notice or consent. So, even though WinLocator claims that it won’t collect such information, just knowing that it can, should be enough reason to get it off your computer.

If you’ve had the misfortunate of getting duped into accepting WinLocator on your computer, you are going to need professional help removing it. Seek this help from a trusted source, as the last thing you need is to further damage your computer or compromise your personal information. So far as adware removal software is concerned, Spyzooka is the product you are looking for. Developed by trusted professionals, Spyzooka guarantees 100% removal of all malicious software on your computer, or your money back. So what are you waiting for? Get Spyzooka today!

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