ActiveSearch – Don’t Mess Around With It!

ActiveSearch is another of those Internet Explorer browser helper objects that are in truth no help at all! In fact, you’ll want to get these pests off your computer as fast as you can, before they do any more damage than they may have already perpetrated!

Also known as 411 Ferret this adware application monitors your search activity to determine which ads it can display that you may click on, and then they will get paid. When ActiveSearch hijacks your Internet Explorer browser, it allows you to search the web only using ActiveSearch’s search engine. You may get wildly untargeted answers to your search queries, and this could be a clue that you may indeed have a problem with ActiveSearch.

ActiveSearch can install without your consent, and will most certainly install other, more harmful spyware and adware that can do a great deal more damage than ActiveSearch. It will make your computer even more vulnerable than it already was, and will definitely hog system resources and slow everything down.

Getting rid of ActiveSearch isn’t easy to do by yourself. Finding and deleting all the various files and hidden folders that ActiveSearch may have left a copy of itself can be a daunting task, and there’s no surety that you’re going to get them all. What could be worse is that in your zeal to get all traces of ActiveSearch, you delete a file critical to the operation of your computer. Not good.

You are in much better hands if you opt for a trusted antispyware solution like SpyZooka, which comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee. It is literally spyware’s worst enemy! This software can get your computer free from threats like ActiveSearch in no time, and get you back safely surfing again quickly.


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