AdPartner – Not One You Want To Be Partnered With!

AdPartner is an especially bothersome adware application that manages to open every time you startup Internet Explorer, and then goes about delivering unsolicited ads at breakneck speed, all the while staying hiding quietly in the background of your computer. This one normally arrives via what is called a  driveby install, or by coming bundled with other freeware or shareware, and installs itself without any help from you! AdPartner finds itself a comfortable place to hang out in the innards of your PC, and then emerges only to bring you more ads touting things you don’t want in the first place!

Adpartner can be a huge resource hog, and for all intents and purposes destroy your web surfing experience. It will deliver up so many ads that eventually that’s about all you can do on your computer, and it will simply seize up, having used up all your RAM, and you’re forced to reboot, at which point it starts all over again. It will make a new browser homepage for you, (whether you want one or not!) and change your search settings, making your searches direct to its own servers where you’re again stuck with AdPartner ads.

Making an uninvited guest like Adpartner depart isn’t as easy as deleting a few files. It buries itself deep into your computers back alleys, and very often it disguises itself very well, appearing for all the world to be files that are essential for your computer. The problem is you most likely aren’t able to tell between what is real and what is not. If you are a very smart computer tech, it’s possible you might be able to do a manual deletion of AdPartner, but the chances are that even if you know what you’re doing you’ll still miss a crucial file or many crucial files, thus keeping you on the job a whole lot longer that you’d originally thought.

The best way I’m aware of to rid your computer system of AdPartner and associated  spyware friends is to get a great antispyware software solution. My favorite is SpyZooka, which gets you started with a free scan of your computer and has a 100% spyware removal guarantee. Constantly updated with the latest threats and definitions, SpyZooka be working for you for some time. Give it a look, and get AdPartner off your machine!

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