AdPlay – No Fun To Play With!

AdPlay is an adware program that affixes itself to Internet Explorer and uses its host to promote its own advertisements, which are typically popups that are entirely unwanted but are based on your browsing habits, which it has been observing ever since it arrived to be able to serve ads for occasions just like this! It can and will not only deliver ads, but also can open the backdoor to your system wide open, allowing far more nasty spyware and malware to also take up residence on your computer, making it a party at your house!

AdPlay installs files on the system, as well as unique identifiers in your Windows registry. When you try and close the application, AdPlay will contact its remote servers, sending more of your personal surfing preferences and information to those who have an interest in exploiting your personal information. I’m about sharing, but this is ridiculous!

At its core AdPlay is an advertising spyware application. Its sole purpose is to get you to click on the ads that it presents you, and it can be quite aggressive it its attempts to make this happen. It usually self-installs as a part of freeware or shareware bundles, and has been known to utilize ActiveX drive-by downloads to gain secret access to your computer. The AdPlay program displays continual ads whenever your computer is active.

The best way to rid yourself of this nuisance is to get a good antispyware software solution like SpyZooka. You could spend days, weeks or months attempting to ferret out every last file of AdPlay once it has inundated your computer, and you still probably won’t get it all! Don’t you have better things to do with your time? Better to let a pro like SpyZooka deal with AdPlay and get on with your life!

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