AdultLinks.QBar Spyware Profile

AdultLinks.QBar is a spyware program that slips through your security settings as a browser helper object, or BHO.  It is a browser hijacker that sets up a toolbar on Internet Explorer with miniature cartoon pornographic images for links.  It also resets your home page to an adult related site of its choosing, and puts links to this home page on the Desktop and in the Start Menu.  It also adds links to pornographic material in your Favorites menu.

AdultLinks.QBar essentially assumes full monitoring capabilities of your computer.  In their End User Licensing Agreement, they explicitly state that by downloading this product, you agree to let them assume complete control control of your browser, generate pop-ups, pop-unders, banner and skyscraper ads, or whatever kind of adware they choose whenever they feel like it, change the software on your computer, and collect browsing data and share it with third parties to display targeted content. In short, you agree to an incredibly nasty spyware infection.

AdultLinks.QBar is an incredibly taxing spyware program for your system.  It can significantly slow down your performance, compromise your stability, be an embarrassment, and be a threat to your privacy.  It is highly recommended that you remove it from your computer.  SpyZooka comes highly recommended to do this.

Associated File Names:
rundll32.exe QaBar.dll,

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