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Adult.lsdialer was first discovered on April 12 of 2005.  It is distributed by the website, and possibly a few others.

Adult.lsdialer, like most of the other dialers, is installed on your computer invisibly by an ActiveX drive-by download.  It has also been known to be manually installed in some cases.

Adult.lsdialer hijacks your dial-up modem.  Secretly, it then calls premium tolled long distance phone numbers instead of your usual ISP, building up charges at rates described in their EULA as “The per minute charges that you will incur depending on the country you are calling from are as follows: Australia – $5.50 AUS/min inc. premium domestic billing US – $7.99us/min premium domestic billing or $1.99us/min international UK – 1.50pounds/min premium domestic billing Germany-3.63dm/min domestic billing. Austria ATS29.76/min Japan -300dpy/min Netherlands-6dfl/min For all other countries contact you local telephone company for premium domestic rates or international premium long distance rates.”

The server is a purveyor of pornographic content, and Adult.lsdialer will start downloading pornography onto your computer.  The worst part is, it never hangs up.  This obviously results in enormous phone bills.

Adult.lsdialer also serves as a function of other Internet parasites.  In particular, it has been known to serve as a Trojan Backdoor, where a remote hacker can get access to all your computer’s files.  It serves the purpose of providing the connection to the server for them, typically by Internet Relay Chat technology.  It is also bundled with other Dialers.

If you see that you are infected with Adult.lsdialer, you should remove it with SpyZooka or you will accrue a huge phone bill.

Also Known As:

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:

%desktopdir%\Live XXX Shows!.lnk
%startmenudir%\Live XXX Shows!.lnk
%desktopdir%\Hottest Live Shows!.lnk
Hottest Live Shows!.lnk
%workingdir%\[RandomName].exe (Md5 :001f41b6daa487fac9d199e8d8a4c6df)
%workingdir%\[RandomName].exe (Md5 :2c9c27c4263d5ab9a8fdf7ce17908fcf)
%workingdir%\[RandomName].exe (Md5 :8654ec1e1af98526b7655d9268d4a43b)
%userprofile%\start menu\what is this!.lnk
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Prefetcher]
CHANGE    LastTraceFailure=dword:00000004
CHANGE    TracesProcessed=dword:00000011
CHANGE    TracesSuccessful=dword:00000010

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2 Responses

  1. Tania Lopez says:

    I got to say that so far I’m very please with your service. This is my first experience with your company. I have used in the past SpyHunter, Malwarebytes, SpyBlaster, for my detection with Mcafee antivirus/firewall.but just SpyZooka helped me to get rid of Adult.lsdialer Dialer and found other malware that my av didn’t found. Thanks a lot!

  2. Jake Lord says:

    I have found SpyZooka to find and remove very bad viruses that other programs won’t because they are already overtaken by the virus.
    It found and removed Dialer.WE that no other protection even notified me was there.

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