Adware.360so Information and Removal attaches itself as a browser helper object to Internet Explorer.  It does this to get past firewalls and less sophisticated anti-spyware programs, which will simply detect it as part of the IE browser. delivers a higher number of annoying pop-up ads than most other adware programs.  It also may reset the user’s home page on the Web and hijack search results. will often show redundant search results in the hopes of getting you to click on one of its affiliate links.

You should be able to delete by deleting the files below.  A free scan with SpyZooka will show you the files of any other adware that may be on your computer so that you may delete those files as well.

Relative File Contents:


C:Program Files360soplugin360barplugin.ini
[547 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360soplugin360ft360ft.dll
[122880 Bytes] Application Extension
C:Program Files360soplugin360ftadbw.ini
[1309 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360soplugin360ftconfig.ini
[167 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360soplugin360ftplugin.ini
[559 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360soplugin360tool360tool.dll
[98304 Bytes] Application Extension
C:Program Files360soplugin360toolplugin.ini
[548 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360so360main.dll
[81920 Bytes] Application Extension
C:Program Files360so360main.exe
[36864 Bytes] Application
C:Program Files360so360so.ini
[797 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360so360sok.dll
[143360 Bytes] Application Extension
C:Program Files360soband.ini
[3375 Bytes] Configuration Settings
C:Program Files360soplugin360bar360bar.dll
[131072 Bytes] Application Extension
C:Program Files360soplugin360barband.ini
[3375 Bytes] Configuration Settings

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