AnalyzeIE Module Spyware Profile

AnalyzeIE Module is a Cool Web Search Browser Hijacker variant.  It was first discovered on May 23 of 2005.  It can be installed by drive-by downloads or by manual transmission.  Disguised as a browser helper object, it can bypass your computer’s firewall to infect your computer.

AnalyzeIE Module as a Browser Hijacker with spyware capabilities will monitor your browsing activity.  It collects your browsing history and uploads it to a remote server.  There, the data gets processed to presumably deliver user-specific advertising.  It delivers its advertising by resetting your home page to one of its vendor’s choosing, redirecting your browsing to its affiliate sites and by delivering pop-up advertising.

Symptoms of an AnalyzeIE Module infection, aside from advertisements, are slower computer performance and program errors.  As a Cool Web Search variant, it is a large spyware program that consumes much of your computer’s resources such as Internet bandwidth and RAM.

If your computer is infected with AnalyzeIE Module, you need to remove it immediately.  Not only does it have a negative impact on your computer’s performance and stability, but it also poses a security risk to your privacy.  It is possible to remove it by manual removal techniques, but they are not a recommended practice for an average user.  Instead, you should use a spyware removal tool to clear your system of AnalyzeIE Module.  SpyZooka is our most recommended antispyware program for all your spyware removal needs.

Also Known As:
CWS.AnalyzeIE Module,
Unclassified.AnalyzeIE Module.BHO,
AnalyzeIE Module.BHO,
Cool Web Search variant

Associated Files:
xml2w32.dll, xml2x32.dll,
xml2lib.dll, xmllibw.dll,
xml2libw.dll, xml2u32d.dll,
xmllibui.exe, SMSSU.EXE,
Tmntsrv32.EXE, SPOOLSV32.exe,
iexplore_dbg.exe, explorer32dbg.exe,

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