Antivirus Live

Antivirus Live is a rogue security program that uses fake system notifications and aggressive security warnings to convince the user that threats reside on their PC.  Antivirus Live hopes to convince the user that infections exist, and that the product they offer can remove these infections.  This malicious application is spyware, and has no ability to detect or remove threats from your PC.  Antivirus Live will collect information about your online activities, and possibly access private information which may be sent to third parties.  Additional malware may be installed as well, and your PC may become slow or unstable.

Recommended Action:
Remove Immediately

Manual Removal:
To remove Antivirus Live manually, you must first kill all running processes.  Next, it is essential to detect all related files and values in the Windows registry so that they can be removed.  Manual removal is a difficult and complex process that should only be attempted by those with expertise.  If not done correctly, severe damage may result to your PC.

To remove Antivirus Live automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as SpyZooka, which is intended specifically for this purpose and guarantees 100% removal of spyware and malware.

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3 Responses

  1. charles davis says:

    I got it earlier today due to my brother messing around on my laptop. I can download files but I can’t run any of the .exe to get them to work. I thought I can destroy it by myself, but it was impossible.
    thanks for the help to spyzooka!

  2. Ronald Martinez says:

    I consider myself pretty good with a computer, but after 10 hours of trying to do this myself, the sysguard.exe whipped me. I couldn’t find all the files and when I thought I had them all, they would replicate and play hide and go seek .
    I downloaded “Antivirus Live Remover” and It fixed my system in 5 minutes!

  3. Garry L. says:

    I recently had the Antivirus Live virus. I was unable to remove it from Control Panel and I decided ask for help. I’ve looked at many different answers for this problem and I decided to download SpyZooka. This is the best choice I ever made! The virus is removed and my computer is clean again. Thank you very much!

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