Antivirus Master Is Hurting, Not Helping You

The only thing antivirus master is mastering, is your computer. Possibly, it also controls your wallet, as you will be spending lots of money trying to get rid of the havoc that the program creates for you.

It starts out innocently, and then rapidly gets out of control. One day you’re browsing the internet and the next thing you know, you are berated by pop up ads. Your computer is running slower than usual. Something has to give. You do some research and find exactly this:  you have been duped by an antivirus master. Then, you think back, and remember clicking on a “free scan of your system” that did find some problems. But wait, you paid a forty dollar fee to get rid of these problems that the program found. So, why are you still having problems? Maybe you should go back to the company for more help? No. Forget about it. You are in for some serious trouble and need to find real help immediately.

Antivirus Master will get you to click on their free trial scan give you an elaborate demonstration of how they are removing your problem folders. However, the program is busy infesting your system. And, worse yet, you are paying them to do so.

Sadly enough, this happens daily. The fee you paid was to the company that is now taking your computer over through pop-up ads and will continue to destroy it until you find an actual solution. The antivirus master will actually overload your system, will slow everything down, and throw pop up ads at you constantly.

Do NOT trust another program to fix your problems without doing your research. Antivirus Master is just manipulating your fears that your computer will face an infection. It is similar to the pop up ads that claim that you have won a big prize, and then just use it to get your information for marketing scams. We all hope that we really did win, or in the case of Antivirus Master, that a company will really give us a free chance to get rid of our computer ailments. So, instead of being afraid of these shady pop ups, we click anyway. However, Antivirus Master is not your friend, and no one is going to pop up on your computer with the solutions to all of your problems.

But, now there is a way to fix the problem created when you gave into temptation to click on the chance of a free scan. Spyzooka can remove Antivirus Master. Spyzooka isn’t just any spyware removal company; it is the one you can trust. With a 100% guarantee and a 24 hour window to promise you a healthy computer, there is no question that this is your best option. So you got scared and clicked for a free scan, but it can be reversed and by people you can trust. The research is clear, the guarantee is there, so do not let antivirus master control you and your computer any longer!

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