AntiVirusPlasma – Three Things You Should Do If You Get This One!

If you find that you may have come down with an infection of AntiVirusPlasma, a rogue antispyware program, there are three things you should do to try and make sure that you first of all don’t have a major security leak on your computer or related machines, and secondly, that you don’t end up with a totally mangled computer as a result of AntiVirusPlasma.

The first thing I would recommend doing is to not fall for the scam that is offered with AntiVirusPlasma and other phony antispyware programs like it. They make it very enticing to try and take care of your “problem” right then and there, but in reality, THEY themselves are a major part of what ails your machine. All you will do by downloading their “fix” is to plant even more, possibly more harmful spyware, adware and fraudware onto your machine, and pay them to do it!

Secondly, I would disconnect to any other computers or networks that you be sharing information with. It would be very simple to pass these kinds of spyware around and if you don’t disconnect you’ll likely be sharing a lot more than information, and you may find yourself pretty unpopular fast!

And lastly, I would get hold of some legitimate antispyware software. Trying to delete AntiVirusPlasma and all its friends is not a task for anyone except the fastest, most tech savvy person you know, and even then chances are very high that even they will have problems. These kinds of programs are designed NOT to be found or deleted easily, and they are usually very good at that. A good antispyware software solution will do the trick, and the best one I’m aware of is called SpyZooka.


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