APC Protect

APC Protect is a typical rogue security application with a label that is meant to inspire confidence.  That is precisely what these authors of malware want to illicit – confidence in their program.

However, APC Protect is a sham.  It will try to entice you to purchase a “full version” or a “license” for the product and once you have done so, you will quickly learn that you have, in fact, purchased nothing.

The enticements come by way of scare tactics.  Fake security warnings and pop-ups that occur randomly are meant to alarm and intimidate the user into purchasing its useless product.  APC Protect comes from the family of security rogues that include, TheDefend, IGuardPc, SiteAdware, AntiTroy, AntiKeep, AntiAdd, RESpyWare, REAnti, SecureKeeper, LinkSafeness, AntiAid or SystemFighter.  These are essentially all copycats of the same program and are meant to do the same thing, which is swindle computer users out of their hard-earned money.
Type: Rogue Security Application

Related file contents:

315329ot-z-5irus22.cpl, 31327trzj559.dll, 3118dz9nload5r1570.exe, 1085z9y559.dll, 106z0spam9ot55a.exe, 10494vzru597.bin, 10259woz5769.exe, .exe, Uninstall.exe, APCProtect.exe, APCProtect Software, 3 Uninstall.lnk, 2 Homepage.lnk, 1 APCProtect.lnk, APCProtect.lnk

Manual Removal Instructions:

Computer users comfortable and knowledgeable about rogue security programs may wish delete to APC Protect manually.  Your first order of business is to delete the following processes thoroughly:


Followed by deleting these registry values:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “[random].exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “APCProtect.exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “[random].exe”

Once that is complete, move on and delete the following files:


c:Program FilesAPCProtect SoftwareAPCProtectAPCProtect.exe
c:Program FilesAPCProtect SoftwareAPCProtectuninstall.exe
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAPCProtect1 APCProtect.lnk
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAPCProtect2 Homepage.lnk
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAPCProtect3 Uninstall.lnk

c:Program FilesAPCProtect Software
c:Program FilesAPCProtect SoftwareAPCProtect
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktopAPCProtect.lnk
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsAPCProtect

The manual removal process can ensure that APC Protect is eliminated but it will keep you secure from ensuing threats.  If you are looking for ongoing peace of mind and real protection for your PC then SpyZooka is the answer.

With years of experience and the knowledge necessary to keep up with this ever-changing industry, SpyZooka offers up-to-date protection against spyware.  Highly regarded for its excellence, SpyZooka remains the only anti-spyware application to offer a 100% spyware removal guarantee.  Because the makers of SpyZooka, ZookaWare, are so certain of the validity of their product, they feel comfortable making such a promise.  If you want the job done right, you want SpyZooka.

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  2. Camelie Ronney says:

    I found this program already installed on my computer these days. it ran scans by itself and found lots of viruses. I was really scared and at one step to buy that fake license. For my luck, I started looking over the internet about what it can do to my computer and I found Blue Pengiun. Your program, SpyZooka, was a real help. Thank you for removing it. I will be your costumer for life!

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