Appolinaria.a – A Nod to the Classics

Appolinaria.a has a strange pedigree. Besides being simply another in a long line of spyware and adware applications that attempt to separate you from your money, it is named after a character in a Dostoyevsky novel called “26 Days in the Life of Dostoyevsky” that gives a biographical picture of the famed Russian author. Appolinaria was a wicked mistress to Dostoyevsky, who had a particular hold over him.

Likewise, Appolinaria.a can hold sway over your computer is allowed to run rampant and unfettered. If you happen to succumb to this sirens call you’ll have a machine that is as distracted and useless as Dostoyevsky appears to have been when under her spell. Appolinaria.a will come to your computer via the normal spyware routes, either by a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, or through an infected video codec download. Once it is on the scene, it sets about attempting to woo you into upgrading to its spyware killer application, which not only will not kill any spyware, but will in fact invite many other, more harmful agents of doom into your machine, such as keyloggers, which can record and transmit every keystroke you make on your machine. You can imagine what kind of damage than can do!

Like a mistress that just won’t go quietly, Appolinaria.a is a tough bugger to get rid of as well. If you try and do it yourself and save a couple of bucks, you’ll most likely waste more than a couple of hours and you’ll still have the problem. Appolinaria.a, like many of these spyware and adware programs, has the ability to conceal itself deep in your system, and the likelihood that you’ll find all copies of it are slim.

To effectively get rid of Appolinaria.a you need to get a proven antispyware solution such as SpyZooka. It will kill all traces of Appolinaria.a from your machine, and get you back and humming along nicely in short order!

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