AUNPS – Funny Name, Not So Funny Results

AUNPS, which gets its name from the site is an adware application that opens each time you startup Internet Explorer, and then processes to deliver up unsolicited advertisements at regular intervals, all the while staying quietly hidden in the background. This is usually a driveby install, coming bundled with other freeware or shareware, and installs without any permission or consent on your part. It hides itself in the deep recesses of your computer, only emerging to offer you something else you can’t live without!

AUNPS can seriously drain your system resources, and effectively kill your web surfing. There will be times when it seems as if all you can view are their ads, and sometimes your browser simply crashes are you are left with nothing to do but reboot. It can change your browser homepage, and change your search settings, effectively getting all searches to go to its own servers where it can show what it wants to.

Getting rid of AUNPS isn’t all that easy. It deposits itself deep into your system files, and often its files look exactly like what is supposed to be there. If you are very savvy about things like this, you might be able to do a manual extraction of AUNPS, but the likelihood is that even if you know what you’re doing you’d miss a file or two, keeping you at it for some time.

The best way to get rid of AUNPS and others like it is to employ the aid of good antispyware software. The best I know of it SpyZooka, which offers a free scan of your computer and is backed by a 100% spyware removal guarantee. It is constantly updated to keep up with the latest threats and definitions, and will serve you well down the road. Give it a try today, and send AUNPS packing!

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