Avoid Totalantispyware At All Costs

People are using “these hard economic times” as an excuse to prey on unsuspecting individuals looking for help. Everywhere you look scams are popping out of the woodwork attempting to take advantage of people’s fear and insecurity, and the realm of computer security tools is no different. Scams like totalantispyware are a dime a dozen, and the savvy computer user should take steps to protect themselves immediately.

Totalantispyware is what is termed a “rogue antispyware” application, which means that it is malicious software masquerading as a legitimate antispyware solution. The problem with these programs is that it can be difficult to distinguish them from legitimate products, as they are often designed to mimic the appearance and characteristics of trusted companies such as Microsoft.

Users are most commonly infected without their knowledge, usually via a Trojan that has already opened a security hole on the user’s computer. Infection can also occur via manual download by the unsuspecting user, by visiting infected websites, and by attempting to download video codec that is actually spyware in disguise.

Once on your computer, totalantispyware will attempt to scare you into buying its full version by running a series of fake scans and then harassing you with equally fake results listing fabricated malware that it claims is residing on your computer. This harassment usually occurs in the form of an ever-increasing volume of pop ups, but can also occur by redirecting your browser to its homepage any time you try to search for something on the Internet.

The program stays running in the background at all times and connects to the Internet without your knowledge or permission. This causes your computer’s processing speed and your Internet bandwidth to slow to a crawl, making it difficult to pay attention to anything but totalantispyware’s demands for money.

If you have found totalantispyware on your computer, there are two methods of eradicating it. You can either attempt to remove it yourself manually, or you can download a legitimate antispyware program to do it for you. If you choose manual removal, do so by killing its running processes, unregistering its DLLs and deleting its associated registry entries and files. Use care in this task, as accidental deletion of the wrong file could damage your computer.

If you are less than confident of your ability to remove totalantispyware, or simply would like to ensure that you are protected from such attacks in the future automatically, you should use SpyZooka. SpyZooka is the only antispyware tool that is capable of removing 100% of all spyware from your computer, and we back that assertion with a money-back guarantee. Verify our legitimacy by checking out our memberships with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. Our business is your security, and we stand behind complete protection every step of the way.

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