– A Great Way to Ruin Your Day!

Imagine waking one morning and turning on your computer to find yourself confronted with an unending stream of aggressive, sometimes very objectionable and certainly not family-friendly ads appearing on your computer screen. And, there appears to be no way that you can figure out how to turn these blasted things off! You keep trying to delete them, maybe even trying to figure out why your popup blocker doesn’t seem to be getting these, but all to no avail. You may have just acquired a first class infection by an adware known as

This puppy comes to you usually via a Trojan, or perhaps a bad video file download, but the fact is, however it got onto your machine, it’s not going anywhere without a fight! is a pest that will self-install on your computer, and then, all of its own accord, begin to run software applications that send your web surfing habits to third party servers located God knows where. These servers then use your information to serve you more ads, which you have neither asked for or want. The real danger in programs like is that they open wide the floodgates for all manner of other, more nefarious spyware, adware and malware to enter and pillage your PC. Some of these are able to record every keystroke made on your machine, which can wreak havoc with your financial life if this sensitive info were to get in the wrong hands.

Getting rid of a pest like is not easy. To do this manually is practically impossible. You might find instructions on the internet on how to delete the files associated with it, but the reality is you could never do it fast enough, as has the ability to reconstitute itself after being deleted, so you will see it again upon reboot!

The best way to deal with is to use a proven antispyware software solution like SpyZooka. It will kill off and get you back up and running in no time!

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