Barracuda Antivirus Removal Instructions

Barracuda Antivirus is one of the more prevalent types of computer threats that exist in cyberspace these days. This program is a rogue security program that engages heavily in the practice of reporting false positives. It will instill fear by reporting threats that in reality do not exist and then use this fear to persuade you into purchasing its full download.

While this malicious program is on your system you will experience a litany of problems. Your system will be attacked by an incessant stream of popup messages. System scans and other programs will run on your computer without your permission. Tool bars and other add-ons will be installed without your execution. Worst of all, your computer will operate extremely slowly and inefficiently until you take effective action.

Recommended Action:  Immediate Removal

You cannot remove this program manually because it is installed via a Trojan horse virus that will reinstall it every time it is removed. To effectively remove this program from your system you should utilize a program named Spyzooka. Spyzooka is fully guaranteed to resolve problems with this program. Moreover, Spyzooka provides users with a free system scan so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from recruiting Spyzooka’s services.

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Known As: BarracudaAntivirus, Barracuda AV, BarracudaAV
Category:  Rogue Security Program

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  1. lolly poe says:

    Barracuda keeps popping up and it says stay unprotected or active barracuda antivirus, and if i hit stay unprotected then it pop ups back in one minute there’s no way to make that go away. I looked this up and people say its something that makes your computer have problems, and makes you think its like a scan software, and then one i clicked protect me in the 2 options, and it said pay for it there is no option to get rid of it. I searched for a program to remove it, without rebute and SpyZooka was the only one that worked. Thank you!

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