Beware of .EzCatch

.EzCatchis a special kind of adware. It’s special, in that it tries to disguise itself as an antispyware program, when in fact it is spyware. This is a particular category of adware called Rogue Antispyware. This way, it can trick PC users into downloading it and getting infected with it.

Once it’s on your computer, though, its motives become apparent. Although you will get desktop icons and even a limited antispyware function out of it, you will also get pop ups and a clunky computer that it seems to not be able to fix. Though it tries to maintain its disguise as spyware protection, it can’t help but give itself away.

“What is it about adware that causes problems on computers?” you might ask. The problem isn’t so much the pop up windows, as many may think. Generating pop ups does use your computer’s resources, but it’s what you don’t see that really zaps your computer’s performance. Let’s follow the typical pathology of an adware program so you can see what happens.

First, adware programs install themselves without your knowledge or consent, often tricking you into doing the necessary actions. In this case, you think you’re installing an antispyware program, but you’ve been duped into installing spyware. The next thing that happens usually is that the program will look through your files and upload your information to a remote server. This information may or may not be sensitive, depending on your browsing habits. The remote server then kicks back advertising media based on the information that was sent. Then you get your pop ups.

Now that you have the basic idea of how adware works, here is where adware really hurts your computer. Nearly everything adware does is behind the scenes. All of this incognito activity costs your computer its running memory. The communication of your information over the internet uses up a significant amount of your internet connection’s bandwidth. Your bandwidth also relies on your computer’s available memory.

What ultimately happens is that you have these annoying pop ups and your computer starts running slower. Some programs that you have, especially your internet browsers, will take much longer to load, and may crash, leaving you with nothing but an error message. This is especially bad if you were working on an important document when you got infected.

Every computer needs a set of protective programs. This consists of three primary types:  a firewall, an antivirus, and an antispyware program. All of these have to be at the top of their game to ensure total protection.

As my focus is on spyware, I recommend SpyZooka. It is a singular program that covers all of your spyware needs. We have both removal and protective features. They are both backed by the same feature SpyZooka has that supports our 100 percent spyware removal guarantee. We have a bot that constantly searches the internet for new spyware definitions. Because of its speed, we are able to remove a spyware bug within minutes of its first launch. Even better, we are able to prevent you from getting infected within minutes of its launch. Really, does it get better than that?

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