Burnaby Ecard Spyware Profile

Burnaby Ecard is a spyware program transmitted through spam emails and stealthy drive-by downloads (ActiveX enabled).  It was released on October 24 of 2002.  When the link in the spam message is clicked, it takes you to the web page http:/ /www.surprisecards.net/viewcard.htm.  If you click “yes” on this page, you will download the infection to your computer.

As spyware, Burnaby Ecard monitors your browsing history, waiting for you to enter certain keywords.  When you do, it can redirect your browsing to one of its related affiliate sites, or it can generate pop-up ads either related or unrelated to the keywords.  It can also download other adware or spyware programs to your computer.

Burnaby Ecard uses deceptive means to infect your computer, it monitors your browsing history, it delivers annoying pop-up ads and can redirect your browser.  In exchange, it offers no real benefit to the user.  It should be removed from your computer as soon as you get infected.

While it is possible to remove Burnaby Ecard from your computer by manual removal methods, this practice is highly discouraged.  It is a complicated, tedious and potentially hazardous practice that should only be done by a professional.  Instead, use a proper spyware removal tool such as SpyZooka.  SpyZooka comes highly recommended for all your spyware removal needs.

Also Known As:
Cytron [McAfee],
Ortyc [CA], Adware.Burnaby-Ecard,

Associated Files:
E-card.cab, [%SYSTEM%]potd.dll,
Burnaby.dll, Trop.xml,
ExplorerBrowser Helper Objects=“sec.dll”,

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