.ClearX Isn’t Just a Game

It looked like a fun little application to waste time with. Little did I know at the time that .ClearXwasn’t just a game, but it was also full of spyware. Now I know better, and will certainly be more careful in the future.

So, what I thought I was getting was a little game where you cleared out boxes by lining up the ones with the same color together. What I didn’t know was that I was having my information uploaded to a website somewhere, and having advertisements sent to me as pop ups. I thought it was pretty creepy that they seemed to know where I lived, what my name was and so on. I mean, if they know that much about me, what else do they know?  Between that, and my computer slowing down and occasionally hiccupping, I finally decided to do something about it.

I asked my sister the tech guru what I should look for. She said that I should be looking for antispyware programs, or spyware removal tools. I shopped around on her computer since mine had become too irritating by now. After looking at so many that were “The Best,” or “Top” or otherwise the absolute best programs, my sister spotted one that looked like the real deal.

She said that the constant updating was definitely a good thing, like no one else did it. Also, there was the SpyGuard feature; that she said usually came as a separate program. She said that this part protects you from getting reinfected. We downloaded it, burned it on a CD, and installed it on my computer. It completely fixed my problem, and I haven’t had any problems since! Thank you SpyZooka!

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