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Rogue antispyware tools like TotalVirusProtection are running rampant, and they are getting more and more difficult to distinguish from legitimate programs that actually do what they claim to do.

A program is classified as a rogue program due to making inaccurate or false claims about its capabilities. Programs like TotalVirusProtection are wolves in sheep’s clothing, if you will, in that they claim the capability of cleaning your system from all sorts of spyware and malware, when in fact they are actually the culprits of bringing such malicious software onto your computer in the first place.

The deception of such programs like TotalVirusProtection goes even deeper. Once it infects your computer, you will be bombarded by pop ups claiming that it has found numerous malicious programs on your computer and that the only way to remove these programs is to buy the full version of TotalVirusProtection. The deception is this: The supposed list of malicious programs found is completely fake, and buying the full version of TotalVirusProtection does nothing to remove any malicious programs that do actually exist on your computer. In fact, if you were to buy TotalVirusProtection’s full version, you would actually be giving it permission to download more malicious software onto your system. Not to mention that these fraudsters would also then have your credit card information.

While the so-called “trial” version of TotalVirusProtection can be manually downloaded, it is more typically introduced to your computing system through means of a Trojan or virus, and subsequently installed without your permission. Thus, if you did not intentionally download TotalVirusProtection, but have been receiving pop ups from it, it is very likely that your computer is infected by larger, more serious malware. If this is the case, it is imperative that you take steps to remove TotalVirusProtection immediately and scan your system for any other dubious files that may have weaseled their way in.

While this process can be done manually, it is often a difficult task. TotalVirusProtection and other malicious programs like it often protect themselves from deletion by installing files in your computer’s crucial operating folders. This means that you stand a high risk of inadvertently damaging or deleting files that your computer needs to run properly while trying to manually remove TotalVirusProtection.

The safest, most effective method of removing rogue antispyware programs or any other form of malware is to invest in a legitimate antispyware program like Spyzooka. Spyzooka guarantees removal of 100% of all malicious software on your computer, and backs up their guarantee with 24 hour customer support and a return of your money if you are not satisfied with their product. Plus, Spyzooka has a long-standing membership with the Better Business Bureau and is also the recipient of many rewards for outstanding service, so you can rest easy knowing that your money is well spent and your computer is safe.

Spyzooka also has a spyware hunting robot constantly combing the Web for new malicious software, and updates your protection automatically whenever any is found. This is particularly good news given the recent rise in the number scams and rogue software programs floating around the Internet. With Spyzooka on your side, you never need be concerned about infection from programs like TotalVirusProtection again.

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