Defend Your Computer Against Direct PopUp Advertiser

Receiving pop up ads can be very annoying, and all too often computers get infected with adware that delivers those pop up ads. Direct PopUp Advertiser is a relatively unique type of adware, but it still delivers pop up ads. Therefore, you still need to be protected from it.

Usually adware gets installed on your computer and monitors your browsing habits. Then pop up ads are delivered based on the websites that you have viewed. But this isn’t how Direct PopUp Advertiser works. Instead, Direct PopUp Advertiser doesn’t need to have a full program installed on your computer and you’ll still get pop ups.

Direct PopUp Advertiser is a new kind of pop up advertising method that uses your IP address in order to deliver pop ups. These pop ups are sent from a remote location and sent directly to your computer.

It is difficult to know if your computer has been tainted by Direct PopUp Advertiser because it doesn’t use up a lot of your memory or eat up your computer’s resources. All it needs is your IP address and a way in.

Because Direct PopUp Advertiser is so stealthy, most firewalls don’t stop it. In fact, it is so sneaky that most anti-spyware programs don’t even detect Direct PopUp Advertiser. Those pop ups still jump to the foreground of your computer screen, forcing you to look at the advertisements that are being delivered.

There is a way that you can protect yourself from Direct PopUp Advertiser and stop those pop up ads. All you need is an excellent line of defense against spyware and adware.

There is no better line of defense against spyware or adware than SpyZooka. For 5 years, SpyZooka has been defending computers against spyware and has done a wonderful job. In fact, SpyZooka is the only anti-spyware program that is guaranteed to remove 100% of all spyware and adware from your computer. So, the pop ups by Direct PopUp Advertiser will not get through to your desktop as long as you have SpyZooka.

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