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Deskspread is a multifaceted spyware program that is a variant of the PurityScan spyware.  It was first spotted on July 29 of 2006.  It is a spyware program of Chinese origin.

Deskspread was powered by the website  This website is currently defunct, and it is uncertain about whether the vending company itself is defunct.  This does not mean that Deskspread is no longer a threat.  It can still be used by other spyware vendors and supported by their own websites.

Deskspread appears as a toolbar add-on for your Internet browser.  Most toolbars are unnecessary at best.  At worst, they can actually be malignant and generate pop-up ads.

Deskspread can also hijack your browser.  Browser Hijackers will usually reset your home page to their supporting page, and may redirect your browsing based on URL or keyword information.  The pages they redirect you to are their affiliate sites, which are often fraudulent themselves.

The worst thing about Deskspread is that it is also a Trojan Backdoor.  These spywares create a point of entry for hackers to take control of your computer.  They can view all of your files, steal your identity and download more files of their choosing, including viruses, worms and spyware.

Deskspread should be immediately removed if it infects a computer.  It represents a huge risk to the computer and to the user.  You should only use a trusted antispyware program to remove Deskspread.  SpyZooka is the best program on the market for killing Deskspread.

Also Known As:
Win32/VMalum.OTM1 infection

Associated Files:
DeskSpread.dll, DESKSP~1.DLL,
CLSID {492B8F66-B8CF-4F7A-B0EE-B7383B92F5BA}

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  1. Harry Montana says:

    It wasn’t so good fighting with BrowserModifier:Win32/DeskSpread. Luckily, SpyZooka cleaned it before the things get worse. Thanks!

  2. Aimee Summers says:

    I’ve been using this for a number of years and found it to be excellent. SpyZooka appears to find any spyware, destroy them and then generates a large smile upon my face. I would without hesitation recommend this software to anyone.

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