DollarRevenue Gets Two Thumbs Down

Your computer needs protection from programs like DollarRevenue. These kind of programs are uninvited and yet they invade computers all of the time. Don’t let your computer go unguarded any longer.

DollarRevenue is an adware program that will have a dramatic effect on your computer. The change that it causes won’t be good either. If your computer is infected with DollarRevenue, then you may not even realize it.

DollarRevenue is usually installed without your consent just by visiting certain websites. Although some of the time, DollarRevenue is bundled in with other products that are supported by adware programs. Whether you’re infected because of website or a download, it doesn’t matter. You’re infected.

Once installed on your computer, DollarRevenue will install a tool bar in your Internet browser. This tool bar will help DollarRevenue track all of your online activities, especially the searches that you do.

While searching the Internet, you will periodically be redirected to DollarRevenue’s own website. This will be more and more frustrating the more frequently you are redirected. But tracking your activities and redirecting you to its own website isn’t the only thing that DollarRevenue does.

While connected to the Internet, DollarRevenue will download and install other adware components to your computer. This will be done without your permission and without your knowledge.

This kind of behavior just isn’t acceptable. You must get rid of DollarRevenue as soon as you possibly can. Leaving DollarRevenue on your computer will slow it down and make it very difficult to get anything done. Even simple tasks will take a long time.

You need help if you have been infected. Removing DollarRevenue isn’t easy. But if you have SpyZooka, then removing it will be a cinch. SpyZooka is the only anti-spyware software that has a 100% spyware removal guarantee. SpyZooka is able to make this guarantee because it is always up to date on the latest spyware, thanks to the spyware hunting robot that it has. If you want quality protection from spyware, then you want SpyZooka.

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