Don’t Be Tricked By BHO.ajp Adware

Many people are tricked into downloading adware onto their computers. We all are nervous about potential threats of viruses and other malicious software on our computers. Many of us use our computers quite often, especially those who work from home, so when we see a pop-up telling us there is a problem and we need to download this program to resolve it, if you aren’t familiar with adware forms of trickery, your first thought is to press “YES.” Well, this certainly isn’t the EASY button and if you have pressed it in the past, you know that there is nothing easy about the repercussions. Don’t be tricked by BHO.ajp adware.

For those of you who don’t quite understand spyware/adware, let me brief you with a little bit of information. These types of malicious software infect your system and hides behind the scenes, basically playing mind games with you by performing actions such as filling your desktop with adult material, creating unusual and annoying pop-ups, and even adding icons to your desktop. Worst-case scenario, this software can play with your registry and add and/or delete important files that your system needs to run properly.

Downloading freeware is a big no-no and can cause problems for you because adware is sometimes bundled with the free software. The problem with this type of intrusion is that you unknowingly agree to have this adware installed when you agree to the install the freeware. Now you know why the terms are in such small print.

There are ways to prevent spyware intrusion and if you already have been invaded; there are ways to rid your system from this annoying software. By installing anti-spyware software, you can detect and remove unwanted adware quick and easy. The software will scan your PC and provide you with a report of all the areas that have been affected. Next, it will quarantine these programs and you will have the option to repair the software or delete it. I recommend deleting it. If you want to keep spyware from returning, be cautious of downloading anything from unknown sources and immediately install any updates when you receive them. Frequent maintenance precautions will keep your PC up and running just the way you like it.

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