Don’t Let Antivirus Number 1 Dupe You

Antivirus Number 1 is another rogue antispyware application that is designed to take users money. Programs like this one take popular skins, put their own denomination on it and make it appear to be a legitimate Windows application. While it does look authentic and convincing to the average PC user, it should not be downloaded. Antivirus Number 1 should itself be removed, as it can put your PC and personal information at risk.

As with most other malicious applications, Antivirus Number 1 will display security warning messages to the user, indicating that their PC is infected and that security threats exist. These messages are false, but are designed to frighten the user into downloading the program to scan and remove the indicated threats. You should exit out of these messages if possible, and do not download.

Antivirus Number 1 is not capable of scanning your computer for infections or threats, and it certainly cannot remove anything. Everything about this application is false. The desire of the creator is to frighten users into purchasing the full version of the product, which is completely useless. If you believe this fake program resides on your PC, remove it promptly.

Antivirus Number 1 launches automatically upon start up of your PC. Some indications that you may have it are a slow performing computer, or browser redirection. This application will hijack your browser and redirect to antispyware sites. Many rogue programs similar to this one will collect information about the user, such as search queries, websites visited, and even personal information like passwords and credit card numbers.

Manual removal is not recommended for Antivirus Number 1 or any other malware. This process is very delicate, and should only be attempted by a professional. Related files will be hidden, making it virtually impossible for the user to locate and remove them. To restore security to your computer, it is essential that every related file be deleted. If this is not accomplished, further damage to your computer may occur.

There are hundreds of rogue applications such as this floating around the internet. All should be removed quickly when the user suspects they have a problem, as many pose high risks to your PC and your personal identity. Some will change your homepage, most will cause performance to become sluggish, and all are willing to take your money. Don’t fall for these scams. Use a reputable antispyware tool for complete removal.

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