Don’t Let Syskontroller Control Your Computer

Syskontroller is on the prowl and only looking to do harm to you and your computer. This program is another rogue antisypware program that will trick you into giving them access to download itself onto your computer. Just clicking on their program will give them this access. These programs act as malware (malicious software) scanners and removers but cannot do either. The only thing Syskontroller can do is download its malware onto your hard drive and really mess up your world.

You will most likely encounter Syskontroller in the form of a pop up ad offering you a free trial of their services. Once you have accepted the program will download itself as you expect. However, once installed, you will begin to get various pop ups warning you of malware that is on your computer and was previously undetected. These warnings will eventually scare you into purchasing their full version. Syskontroller and other rogue security programs really focus on using scare tactics to get computer users to give in and hope that the program gets rid of whatever might be on their computer. As most scams do, Syskontroller relies on your fear of the unknown to make their money.

Once you have paid for the full version of this program, you will realize that it was all a scam. Things will not change because you will still be seeing pop up warnings and you will not see any improvement. Meanwhile, your computer will be running very slow because of these warnings popping up all of the time. This is another indicator that you did not have malware previous to downloading Syskontroller. This is a common mistake that computer users make. Most of us believe that we could just have malware lurking on our computers. However, malware gets right to work. You will immediately notice the slowing down of your computers speed if you have a malware program.

Even worse, syskontroller is actually lifting your personal information from your computer so that their programmers can use this for their own profit. Things like your credit card number that you may have used for an online purchase or other confidential information used online is easy for them to lift once their malware is in place.

You can try to hit uninstall, but Syskontroller is smarter than that. This malware has already hidden itself into various temporary folders that are marked to look like they are essential to your computers functioning. So, even if you went through to delete all of these files, you may have a hard time getting them all.

So, if you solicit the work of Spyzooka you may just have it made. They have been removing Syskontroller and other rogue security programs and can make sure they disappear without causing you any further damage. With their 100% guarantee on their services, you are sure to get your computer back to normal in no time. You can trust the experts, with Spyzooka you can rest easy.

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