Don’t Take A Wrong Turn With Avenue Media N.V.

Spyzooka has been in the anti-spyware business for over 5 years now. That’s like 50 years in malware years. Spyware and adware developers keep us busy. Program creators such as Avenue Media N.V. keep us on our toes. Avenue Media N.V. takes a different twist on an old trick.

Have you seen the latest video of Bill Gates receiving a custard pie in the face? That’s allegedly the ploy that Avenue Media N.V. uses to lure you in. If you have ever downloaded a Trojan, you probably got it from free video downloads. Usually, the Trojan is implanted in the video codec or Active X control. When you are asked to authenticate the certificate, you have given permission to a Trojan to download a bundle of malware on your computer.

Avenue Media N.V. does things a little differently. They have an End User License Agreement (EULA) that average computer users never read. In this agreement, it states that it will take all of your contacts on your IM and email and send out spam. They even state that they will use your name in reference to the email. Perhaps, this makes the deception seem real to some. It’s unfortunate that not only you suffer from this program but anyone that you have contacted will, too, and they can personally thank you for it.

The EULA also states that they will continue to update and load new programs onto your computer whenever they feel like it. Always read your terms and conditions on anything you are downloading. Most of the time we think that spyware gets on our computers unbeknown to us, but permission is granted more often than you think.

If you use the Internet every day, you really should have an effective anti-spyware program on your computer. Otherwise, you are going to spend a lot of time and money in the computer shop dealing with crashing systems. Spyzooka offers a 24 hour removal guarantee of programs such as Avenue Media N.V.

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