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The adware program called Eastbox is a browser plug-in. This means it installs itself into your Internet browser. This allows it to run undetected. It also gives it the link to send your personal information to others. This link also can be used to download files and other bundles of programs onto your computer.

Eastbox can display a range of advertising on your computer ranging from pop-ups to changing your search results to lead you to their targeted websites. It can, in addition, give you false or misleading warning or error messages.

All of these functions are a great drain on your computer. Your computer will start running very slowly, particularly when you’re on the Internet. You will have an abundance of advertising. These can cause your computer to become unstable and crash or freeze up.

If you think you might have an Eastbox program running on your computer, you will want to remove it.  This will be difficult.  The related files use random names and it can update on the next reboot. The best way to fight such adware is to use anti-spyware software.  It can fight even the most stubborn programs. SpyZooka has a 100% money-back guarantee that it will remove it! Try the free scan today!

Eastbox file contents:


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