.EasySearch; I’d hate to say it’s a classic, but it pretty much is.

.EasySearchis probably one of the most well known adware programs out there. It was released in August of 2004, and is still considered to be a high risk. It was one of the first adware programs to pretend to be a Browser Helper Object (BHO). Specifically, it pretends to be a search assistant toolbar. The problem with it is that it does far more than ineffectively help you find things on the internet.

What it actually does is that it effectively hijacks your browser. It sets itself up as a local proxy server for your computer. This way, it can completely take control of your browsing. Like pretty much every other adware in its class, it changes your home page to one of its own selection. It can also download other malware programs without your knowledge. It will also redirect your browsing pages to ones that it sponsors; chiefly porn sites! I’m sure most wives, children and bosses won’t want to see that on your computer! It also tends to suck your computer nearly dry of its performance.

While it does not appear that .EasySearch will actually compromise your information by uploading it to a remote server, the problems it can cause are no less troublesome. By running behind the scenes, it eats up some of your computer’s running memory. This causes it to run slower and causes some programs to crash, particularly internet browsers.

Lastly, all this redirection of your browsing gets in the way of your productivity in several ways. For one thing, it’s a toss up whether or not you’re going to the site you want to. For that matter, the sites you want to go to may be blocked by this adware. Then, of course, there are all the other problems that can come up from you apparently browsing porno at work. It sounds like a firing situation to me. Then, of course, there’s the possibility of these pages coming into the view of your wife and kids. In many cases, this can damage relationships and possibly get DHS involved!

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