Eradicate AureateRadiate From Your System

AureateRadiate has been around just as long as Spyzooka. We have been tracking this one for some time now. At first, the software was created to collect the demographics of browsers. The program found its way onto more than 30 million computers. Then AureateRadiate started selling to 3rd parties. Many of these advertisers claim that they were never notified to use an End User Agreement stating they were using AureateRadiate.

AureateRadiate was one of the first adware programs to ever make it on the scene, but calling this program adware seems to dumb it down a little. Spyware is more like it. In fact, the behavior it exhibits is more like a Trojan.

AureateRadiate has lots of tricks up its sleeves. Most spyware runs in the background all the time, but AureateRadiate is smart enough to only do updates when they detect mouse or keyboard activity. This way the program isn’t noticed when the hard drive is working but no one is working on it. The software that downloads with the spyware can be removed, but AureateRadiate is designed to remain there. The program will continue to send out information to any program that will pick it up. This includes hackers. The developers claim that this helps them to update the program. Why would you need to update this program, anyway?

The program was originally designed to collect demographics on the end users, but it is really hard to tell who is using AureateRadiate anymore. The program could be used to collect demographics, browsing habits, identity theft, credit card fraud, or just a general invasion of your privacy by any random stranger.

You never need programs like these on your computer. Most anti-spyware programs aren’t able to remove AureateRadiate completely. For only $29.95 per year, Spyzooka guarantees 24 hour removal of programs like AureateRadiate. We are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (unheard of in anti-spyware programs), and we have even won a TuCows Five Cows Award (the Oscars of computer software).

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